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How to use Zinc for the treatment for Herpes

Herpes is viral infection that produces lesions and sores that brings a lot of problems for human. It spreads through direct contact with the sores or from contact with body fluid of a person infected with the virus. To reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks caused by both oral and genital herpes, Read more [...]

What are the Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Eating a nutrient-poor diet will cause zinc deficiency. Besides, some disease such as Malabsorption syndrome, sickle cell disease, chronic liver and kidney disease, will also have such problems. If you think you have signs of zinc deficiency, speak to your doctor. Severe Zinc Deficiency might cause Read more [...]

Food or supplements, which is the best form of Zinc supplement?

Zinc is necessary for body to fight bacteria and viruses. So you should have enough zinc intake daily. There are different forms of zinc on the market, so if you want to choose one, which will you take? Here we tell you which is the best form of zinc for your reference. Food or supplements, which Read more [...]

Which foods will block zinc absorption

Zinc plays an important role in human body. It helps for wound healing, immune response, growth and development and insulin activity. As there is no part of the body that stores zinc, so a regular dietary supply is necessary. In order to have sufficient zinc for maintain a health level, be careful about Read more [...]

What Are the Benefits of Zinc for Women?

We have talked about the benefits of zinc for men before and here we also tell the benefits of zinc for women here. Read the articles below, and you will know that briefly. First of all, zinc element help to improve the mood of women. Taking zinc supplements by themselves may increase serum levels Read more [...]

How to Absorb Zinc Better

Zinc is an important mineral to human body, it naturally exists in foods such as nuts and beef and meat. It helps with numerous health functions such as wound healing and immune system maintenance. In order to have enough zinc nutrients in the body, you should ensure a good absorption of it. Here we Read more [...]

What is the relationship between Zinc and Liver Function

The liver is the largest organ in the body which plays a vital role in the digestion of food and removal of toxins, poisons and other harmful substances from the body. In order to avoid the liver problems, you should take certain nutrients, such as zinc, daily. Zinc is an essential trace mineral that Read more [...]

Which Foods are rich in Zinc?

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that plays an important role in human body. If you have a healthy eating habit, you can get zinc element from daily food. Here we introduce the foods which are rich in zinc for your reference. Plant Foods such as vegetables are rich in zinc elements. For example, Read more [...]

How to use zinc for the treatment of Rosacea

Rosacea is a progressive inflammatory skin disorder characterized by flushing, itching or increased sensitivity around your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Are you worry about the Rosacea? Zinc might be one solution for you, it can reduce the facial redness and irritation of rosacea. Here we explain Read more [...]

What is the use of zinc for your body?

Zinc is available in many foods or as a dietary supplement. It plays an important role in several metabolic functions as well as immune function. You can get zinc in your diet by consuming plant foods, since they naturally absorb zinc from soil and water. You can also get zinc indirectly by consuming Read more [...]