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Simple but effective treadmill workouts for men

Treadmill is an excellent equipment for cardio exercise, but if you walk 1 hour everyday, it becomes boring, so many people do not have enough patience to exercise for a long period. Men generally have a great aerobic capacity and need to push hard on a treadmill to produce the required level of exertion, Read more [...]

Easy treadmill workouts to burn fat

A lot of people do regular exercise on a treadmill in the US. But some of my complaint to me that the do not lose a pound by months of exercise. In fact, no matter what kind of exercise you do on a treadmill, whether walking, jogging or running, you will burn calories and burn fat to some extent. However, Read more [...]

How to do interval training on treadmill

Interval training is always a good way of exercising. Professional athlete does interval training to improve their performance in the race. Fitness trainer introduces this to burn more fat, and here we also introduce it a lot for you.While doing treadmill workouts, you can also benefit a lot from interval Read more [...]

4 benefits of running on a treadmill

Treadmill enable you to do municipal workout such as walking, jogging, running, and hill climbing indoor in all kinds of weather. It benefits a lot for your body so we suggested that everyone should do regular treadmill workout. Here we show you the main 4 benefits of running on a treadmill. Treadmill Read more [...]

Treadmill workouts for beginners

Treadmill workouts are the most easy and controllable way for you to keep fit. You can do it any time as long as you have one cardio equipment at home. You can set the speed and incline to customize the intensity. Follow the below steps and you will have excellent treadmill workouts even you are a beginner. Step Read more [...]

Treadmill workouts for weight loss you should know

The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you take. So eat less and exercise more it what you should do. Treadmill workout is a good way to burn fat, which helps you to burn calories as well as build muscle. It is approved that this exercise is effective to most people. Here we tell you how Read more [...]

Treadmill workouts to lose weight secrets

Summer is coming and you might want to lose weight again. There are various methods for you to lose weight, some of them are effective, but some of them are just so so. In my point of view, lose weight by treadmill workout is really good idea. Here we tell you this treadmill workouts to lose weight secrets. Read more [...]

Anti gravity treadmill introduction

Anti gravity treadmill is not the same as traditional treadmill we can see at the gym,although it looks like a standard treadmill.I think it is not easy for you to buy one. But anyway, here we introduce this Alter-G™ Anti gravity treadmill for you. This model is designed by NASA. When you do exercise, Read more [...]

5 Steps to fold a compact treadmill easily

A lot of people buy compact treadmills to do cardio exercise at home. Compared to gym models, these are more light and cheap, but can also satisfy your basic demand. Any advantage of compact treadmills is that they can be easily to use and store, which is useful for the one who live in a small apartment. Read more [...]

Best treadmill for the money: Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Review

Most treadmills are over 300 USD and that is why people give up the purchasing plan at the last minute. In fact, if you just need one simple treadmill for family use, and do not need so many bells and whistles, Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill should be a good choice for you. Here we do a review on this Read more [...]