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What are the allergies to Spirulina

Spirulina has been used as dietary supplement recent years. It is usually consider to be safe, but it is also possible to have allergy. If you have some adverse reactions after you taking spirulina, just talk with your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Here we explain the Read more [...]

How to lower Cholesterol by Spirulina Supplement?

One important way to improve heart health is to keep a normal level of cholesterol. You can take some herbal supplement to control that. Spirulina supplement is one good choice. Here we tell you How to lower Cholesterol by Spirulina Supplement . Cholesterol can mainly divided to low-density lipoprotein(LDL) Read more [...]

What is the relationship between Spirulina and Blood Pressure

Spirulina is rich in protein, vitamin E, zinc and iron and also contains carotenoids, antioxidants etc. It helps to boost nitric oxide levels so may help to control the blood pressure. Here we explain what is the relationship between Spirulina and Blood Pressure for your reference. High Blood Pressure Read more [...]

How to take Spirulina for Thyroid health?

Spirulina is dietary supplement which is consider to be beneficial for certain thyroid conditions. Although there is no clinical studies about that now. It is used to treating thyroid disorders for many years. Here we tell you How to take Spirulina for Thyroid health. Take Spirulina for Thyroid Health As Read more [...]

What is the proper Dosage of Spirulina for Arthritis?

Spirulina is a popular herb which are common in supplements and health foods. Generally speaking, the suggested daily dose of spirulina is 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams. For different people, we suggest you to take different dosage. Here we explain What is the proper Dosage of Spirulina for Arthritis for Read more [...]

How to Use Spirulina for better health in 3 steps

Spirulina is a health food supplement which contain plenty of nutrients such as vitamin B-complex , vitamin E, manganese, selenium, protein as well as chlorophyll. It is consider to be the super food and you can take it in different forms such as powdered form or capsules or tablets. Here we tell you Read more [...]

How to treat acne by Spirulina supplement?

Acne becomes one common problem for US people especially for men these years, many are trying to solve this problem. Here we introduce a natural skin care products for acne and tell you How to treat acne by Spirulina supplement in detail. There are a lot of solutions for the treatment of acne, and usually Read more [...]

Is it safe to Spirulina supplement for pregnant women and infants

Spirulina contains over 100 nutrients. It is considered to be the most complete source for a proper diet and one of the richest source of nutrients that have even been found. Not it is widely used in the US as a dietary supplement that helps maintaining health, energy or as well as help to reduce weight. Read more [...]

Spirulina: The best anti-inflammatory food

Spirulina is a magic plant, it is small but contains more nutrients than any other natural food in the world. It is said that spirulina is one of the most effective natural foods. Genetically, it is consider to be the best anti-inflammatory food, and here we explain that to you in detail. Best Spirulina Read more [...]

Boosts your Immunity by Spirulina Powder

Diet supplements are becoming more and more popular in the past few years. In order to keep a healthy way of life, it is not enough to take certain things in your daily diet , you also should take enough herbal supplement such as spirulina supplement daily to boosts your immunity. Health Benefits Read more [...]