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The effect of saw palmetto on testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone which existed in both men and women. Pituitary gland and hypothalamus regulated the production of this hormone. Saw palmetto is a popular herb among men as it is beneficial for prostate health by increasing certain forms of testosterone level. Here we explain the effect Read more [...]

How to use saw palmetto supplement for hair loss?

Although there is no large-scale scientific studies about saw palmetto treatment of hair loss, now it is wide accepted that saw palmetto is one of the best herbal supplement for hair loss. Here we explain that in detail for you. At the beginning of this century, minoxidil and finasteride were the Read more [...]

Does it really works to use Saw Palmetto for Diabetes?

Saw palmetto has been used as a remedy for different health conditions for hundreds of years. It is reported recently that saw palmetto might have positive effect to diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels. Here we explain the use of Saw Palmetto for Diabetes in detail. Best Saw Palmetto Extract Read more [...]

Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Women

Saw palmetto is a supplement which is popular for its great herbal treatment nowadays especially for enlarged prostate While this herb is generally regarded as beneficial to men, it may have some therapeutic value for women as well. Here we list the main Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Women for your Read more [...]

Health benefits of Saw Palmetto on Kidneys

Saw palmetto is a popular supplement which can be used a natural treatment for conditions such as enlarged prostate. It can also be used to decrease inflammation and boost immunity. Besides, saw palmetto may also benefits to other organs of your body such as kidneys. Here we tell the Health benefits Read more [...]

Dose Saw Palmetto Supplement Works for Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure increase the risk of heart failure, heart attack and stroke, so it is better to treat it in order to have long-term health. Someone take medications to lower the blood pressure,others try herb supplement such as saw palmetto supplement. Here we tell you does Saw Palmetto Supplement Read more [...]

What does Saw Palmetto do to Estrogen level?

Saw palmetto is also known as shrub palmetto. It has an effect on estrogen, so saw palmetto benefits a lot for both men and women. What does Saw Palmetto do to Estrogen level? Here we make a detail introduction for your reference. Saw palmetto also contains fatty acids and water-soluble polysaccharides, Read more [...]

How to use Saw Palmetto to Increase Breast Size for women?

There are quite a few products on the market that claim to naturally enhance breast size. Saw Palmetto is a effective supplement for women in increasing breast size and firmness. As we know, Saw Palmetto can help to block testosterone development or DHT in the body and lead to an imbalance between Read more [...]

How to Use Saw Palmetto for Better Health

Saw palmetto is a useful herbal supplement that can be used for the treatment of hair loss, chest pain, Enlarged Prostate Glands etc. Just take that supplement regularly following doctor’s advice, and you will improve your body condition and fitness. Here we tell you How to Use Saw Palmetto for Better Read more [...]

5 Tips to Use Saw Palmetto for Asthma Treatment

Saw palmetto supplement is effective for the treatment of chest congestion. So people with asthma can use saw palmetto to aid in the management and prevention of asthma attacks. Here we share 5 Tips to Use Saw Palmetto for Asthma Treatment. Tip 1: Saw palmetto supplement have anti-inflammatory Read more [...]