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Burn calories with Rowing machine exercise

Rowing machine workout is a good indoor workout that burns calories effectively. It is widely used for weight loss and cardiovascular training in the US. By setting different resistance, you can pick the intensity and customize it as you want. Just sit in the machine, set the values as you want and Read more [...]

Rowing machine is a good way to exercise your muscles

Workout with a rowing machine did not only burn fat but also exercise your muscles effectively. And this low impact exercise is perfect for the one who does not like to do intensity sports such as running. Rowing machine can exercise various muscles, and here we list expert guidance for you to row properly Read more [...]

Rowing machine buying guide

Rowing machines are perfect for daily exercise tools. So many people want to buy one at home. Today, there are various of types and brands of rowing machines on the market with different price and function. How to pick the best one for yourself? Which index would you like to consider, resistance type, Read more [...]

Rowing Machine Safety tips

When you do exercise or sports, one that you need to pay special attention to is the safety issue. According to a research, there are over 3 million sports-related injuries each year in the US. That means there is over 8 thousand a day and over 300 injuries an hour. Although rowing machine exercise is Read more [...]

Rowing machine exercise plan for beginner

Rowing machine exercise is proved to be good but for beginners it is very important to do it correctly in order to maximum its effect. So if you are new to this kind of support, just come to a fitness trainer, or follow our rowing machine exercise plan for beginner below, or you might be injured. First Read more [...]

Rowing machine workout guide

Rowing is a great exercise that can bring a full body workout to you. However, someone is not interested in this at all, one of the main reasons is that they do not know how to have rowing machine workout properly. Do you want to learn how to use rowing machines correctly and maximize its effect? HERE Read more [...]

Rowing machine benefits for men and women

Rowing machine exercise is one of the most effective cardiovascular workout you can have indoor. By doing rowing machine workout, you can exercise most of your muscles and burn calories. Today, most gyms and health clubs have rowing machines, and some family also buys home model for convenience.Doing Read more [...]

Best rowing machine: Concept 2 rowing machine review (Model D Indoor)

Rowing machine is a regular exercise machine widely use around the us. Concept 2 Model D indoor is a good quality machine which can last for a long time and used by Olympic- and elite-level athletes these days. So we can consider that it is the best rowing machine we can ever find on the market now. Read more [...]