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Easy menstrual cup insertion guide in 4 steps

Sanitary napkins or pads or tampons are what most women choose during menstrual period as it is common and widely accepted. Now they can have more choice for that each month.The menstrual cup is a good option. However, if you want to start using that, first of all you need to know that the insertion Read more [...]

Menstrual cup comparison: How to buy the right menstrual cup for you?

There are so many menstrual cups on the market, so usually people will have such question before buying. Which cup is good for me? How to buy the right menstrual cup? Here we make brief menstrual cup comparison for your reference. Before buying menstrual cup, first of all consider the diameter you Read more [...]

4 benefits of using menstrual cup

These days a lot of people choose a menstrual cup during the period as it is more easy to use. Say goodbye to tampons. Here we list the a 4 benefits of using menstrual cup for your reference. Menstrual cup is a good way to save your money. One menstrual cup will last you for long time, so you Read more [...]

Where and how to buy menstrual cup online?

Where to buy menstrual cup? Many ask us such question. We suggest you to buy menstrual cup online as it is easy and usually cheaper. Here we tell you how to do in detail. First of all, you should determine which menstrual cup you want to buy. Usually it is not easy to choose a cup if it is the Read more [...]

What Are Moon Cups?

It is necessary to pick products to absorb or catch her flow during menstruate period for women. The Moon Cup is a menstrual cup which provide great experience to women.What Are Moon Cups? Here we make introduction for you in detail. The Moon Cup have been marketed in the US for nearly 10 years. Read more [...]

Best Moon Cup Review: GladRags Moon Cup Size B

We have introduce GladRags Moon Cup Size A and here introduce the GladRags Moon Cup Size B for your reference. It is consider to be the best Moon Cup and many people choose this size on the market. Read review in detail below. Introduction The Moon Cup Menstrual Cup Size be is suitable for those Read more [...]

Cheap Menstrual Cup Review: Gladrags The Moon Menstrual Cup Size A

There are a lot of Menstrual Cup brands on the market, and one of the most important thing people concern is the price. Here we do Cheap Menstrual Cup Review for your reference. Read instruction about the Moon Menstrual Cup Size A below. Introduction The Moon Cup Menstrual Cup is a great model which Read more [...]

Fold a menstrual cup in 4 steps

Most women use sanitary napkins or tampons these days during menstruation period. But nowadays, there are many new products that have come out onto the market to help a woman have more variety during her monthly cycle. Menstrual cup is a great product. If you want to use this product, one main thing Read more [...]

Ride bicycle while using diva menstrual cup

Diva Cup brings a lot of convenience for women. By using that, you will feel no difference to ride bicycle during your period. Here we introduce how to ride bicycle while using diva menstrual cup. Step 1: First of all, pick the right size Dive Cup. A woman over 30 or a woman under 30 who has Read more [...]

The diva cup model 1 review

  We have introduce the Diva cup model 2 before, and here we introduce the The diva cup model 1 in detail for your reference. Read review below now. Introduction The diva cup model 1 is made of silicone it has not been and is not likely to be associated with TSS. Besides, it is non-absorbent Read more [...]