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Difference between Low Salt Diet & Low Sodium Diet

Usually we consider a low salt diet and a low sodium diet as the same thing. However, they do not mean the exact same thing strictly speaking. Reading our article here, and we will explain this to you in detail. First we explain the definition of the two kinds of diet. A low sodium diet program Read more [...]

Do not eat these foods to if you are on low sodium diet

Low sodium diet benefits a lot to people’s health. So many people choose low sodium diet today. Such life style requires to stay away from some certain foods. Read our instruction below and find which you should not eat while on a low sodium diet. Generally speaking, the more a grain is processed, Read more [...]

How to carry out effective low sodium diet plan

It is widely accepted that all of the sodium the body needs for health can be acquired from a proper diet. However, just as we described before, the present sodium intake is too much for most of the people in the US. Here we tell you how to carry out effective low sodium diet plan for you. Create a Read more [...]

Low sodium diet menu benefits to your health

Although sodium is necessary to human body, too much salt cause trouble to people’s health. It is widely accepted that a low sodium diet menu benefits a lot to people’s health. If you take too much salt for a long time, there will be more risk to your heart, kidney and other parts of your body. Read more [...]

What is a low sodium diet?

Low sodium diet is a diet that limits the intake of salt (NaCl) and takes the sodium as the doctor suggested. These days people in the us takes far more sodium than the body need according to a survey, which brings some problems to human health. So reducing daily sodium consumption and restoring the Read more [...]