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Difference between Low Salt Diet & Low Sodium Diet

Usually we consider a low salt diet and a low sodium diet as the same thing. However, they do not mean the exact same thing strictly speaking. Reading our article here, and we will explain this to you in detail. First we explain the definition of the two kinds of diet. A low sodium diet program Read more [...]

How to take low salt foods for your low salt diet

High salt intake increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney stones and osteoporosis. However, according to a survey, nowadays, many people eat more salt than they should have. So it is necessary to know which foods are of low salt, and to keep a low salt diet in order to keep healthy. Fresh Read more [...]

Top 3 low salt snacks for greedy guys

If you blood pressure is high, and you are a food aficionado and can not stop eating snacks while watching TV or reading. We suggest you to get some low salt snacks so that your sodium level will not increase a lot. Here are top 3 low salt snacks you might be interested in. KIND PLUS Gluten Free Bars Read more [...]