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How to do prone jackknife exercise?

For those who want to strengthen the abs muscles, prone jackknife exercise one you can try. As a complete body workout that targets muscles group all over the bod, prone jackknife help to train your shoulders, arms, chest, core, lower body, thighs and legs during exercise. While doing prone jackknife Read more [...]

How to do Jackknife Pushup with Exercise Ball

Jacknife pushup is one of the most effective way to train the upper body muscle which targets to core abdominal muscles, chest, hips, shoulders and back. However, only when you do that in correct way then you can maximum the effect. Here we give brief introduction and tel you how to do Jackknife Pushup Read more [...]

Do Side jackknife exercise to Shape Obliques

For those who want to have good-looking waist, it is necessary to exercise your obliques. We suggest you to do side jackknives if you want to make your obliques trim and slim. Below we tell you how to do. Lie in your suitable side together with your legs stretched out straight and stacked one particular Read more [...]

Tell you how to do jackknife crunches in 5 steps

Everyone is busy today so do not have enough to have cardiovascular workout, jack knife crunches can be a good exercise for you. As an variation of standard crunch, jackknife crunches will get your heart rate up, strengthen your core and leg muscles and give your abdominal muscles a serious workout. Read more [...]

Swiss ball jackknife guide at home

Swiss Ball Jackknife is one of the most effective ab exercises which helps to build muscles effectively. Compared to regular exercise, Swiss ball jackknife is a little more difficult and here we share a brief guide for you. In order to start, you need to have a Swiss Ball first, and they just follow Read more [...]