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6 Great Snacks for flexitarian

A good flexitarian diet includes mostly vegetarian foods and less meat. It is suggested that 2 or 3 times of meat per week are enough. According to a doctor, 1800 calories intake is proper for a flexitarian, and we recommend you to eat 3 meals and 2 light snacks everyday. Here are 6 great snacks for Read more [...]

How to make a flexitarian diet plan?

If you want to be a flexitarian, the first thing is to make a good flexitarian diet plan by minimizing the meat intake. A good flexitarian diet plan is a good choice for these who keep healthy but do not want to give up meat forever. Healthy vegetables, healthy calories and healthy protein are necessary Read more [...]

What is the definition of flexitarian?

The word flexitarian is the combination of words “flexible” and “vegetarian”, so we can know the definition of it now. Generally speaking fexitarians eat as vegetarian most of the time, but they do not strictly follow this. Sometimes they also eat meat, fish etc. Flexitarian diet is effective for people Read more [...]