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What is Fatty Liver Grade 3?

Fatty liver condition is measured with a grading system. And there are mainly 3 grades as below. Grade1 fatty liver is a simple form that does not interfere with the proper functioning of the liver, but still requires to be managed.Grade 2 fatty liver is a middle condition that requires some medical Read more [...]

Diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver symptoms

Fatty liver disease is most often associated with alcoholism, but even you do not drink at all, you might have such problems as many other factors might cause it such as obesity, diabetes, elevated triglycerides, endocrine diseases and medications. Here we tell you diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver Read more [...]

What does a fatty liver mean?

If your liver contains more than 5 to 10% of fat, then sorry to tell that you have fatty liver. This may lead to more serious complications.And here we tell you what does a fatty liver mean. Fatty liver is a disease with less symptoms. Usually a fatty liver produces no symptoms. You might find out Read more [...]

What is fatty liver grade 2 and how to treat it

We have introduce fatty liver grade 1 before. If you do not pay attention to grade 1 and still keep poor diet and do no or less exercise, you might suffer from fatty liver grade 2. In such condition, your liver will have more serious problem. Fatty liver is a condition brought by abnormal retention Read more [...]

What is fatty liver grade 1?

Fatty liver can be separate in to 3 stages, the fatty liver grade 1 is not serious and can be reversed. Here we explain that in detail. The liver works as a filtering system in your body. The liver also secretes bile, a fluid that is required to breakdown fats during the digestion process. And the Read more [...]

What is alcoholic fatty liver disease?

If the fatty liver is caused by alcohol, then it is called alcoholic fatty liver disease. Excessive consumption of alcohol will cause that condition. Alcoholic fatty liver is reversible if you do not drink alcohol any more and do more exercise. Liver is the largest solid organ in your body. Located Read more [...]

What is a healthy fatty liver disease diet

Fatty liver condition is not serious but must be managed with diet and exercise in order to avoid serious problems. What is a healthy fatty liver diet? It is hard to say in a work, but generally speaking, diet for fatty liver disease help to lose weight, reduce triglyceride levels and decrease liver Read more [...]

How to cleanse fatty liver

The liver is a very important organ in our body with many important functions. Nowadays, your liver might have problems such as fatty liver with so many different toxins around. So it is reported that more than 30 percent of US people is suffering from fatty liver to some extent nowadays. It is high Read more [...]

How to treat non alcoholic fatty liver disease?

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease is a big risk to human health, so it is necessary to find good way to treat it. At present there is no single way to treat it, but there are some important measures you can take to treat non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Here are brief guide for you. First of all, Read more [...]

Is Non alcoholic fatty liver a serious disease?

Non alcohol fatty liver disease is mainly related to obesity nowadays. As there are more than 50% American who are too fat, so the fatty liver become a problem to many people. Although it is reservable, the Non alcoholic fatty liver is still a dangerous disease which you should pay enough attention Read more [...]