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Recommended herbs for fatty liver

Poor diet and lack of exercise cause fatty liver disease. It can be reversed but if you do not change your way of live and treat it in time, it will turn to liver fibrosis or even cirrhosis of the liver. Here we share some recommended herbs for fatty liver, taking them will be helpful for you to reversing Read more [...]

Recommend medicines for non-alcoholic fatty liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition in which fat accumulates in the liver. It can be reversed by healthy diet or exercise, so doctors will not prescribe cholesterol medicine for a fatty liver. However, for the one who have serious problem, it is necessary to take some drugs. Cholesterol Read more [...]

Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for fatty liver

Fatty liver disease troubles a lot of people. If you want to heal it, try Ayurveda medicine and treatment might be one solution and help you to treat fatty liver disease. Here we introduce that to you in detail. First of all, we introduce the theory of Ayurvedic treatment to you. In that system, disease Read more [...]

Recommended Supplements for Fatty Liver

Fatty liver do not have medication but still some dietary supplements are proved to be effective. The causes of fatty liver include poor diet, alcohol abuse and certain medical conditions. If you wants to cure your fatty liver, just talk with your doctor and ask him to suggest some supplement for you. Read more [...]

Can fatty liver be reversed

Is fatty liver reverable? Many people ask such such questions. At here we can definitely tell you that fatty liver can be reversed. If left untreated, complications such as permanent liver damage can develop. If you take the correctly to treat it, you can reverse liver damage. Below we tell you how to Read more [...]

Is fatty liver curable

Nowadays more people suffer from liver disease such as fatty liver even they do not drink at all. As your liver takes on too much fat there will be potentially serious complications. Although there is no fast medication for that disease, still it is curable if you change to a healthy life style. Fatty Read more [...]

Fatty liver disease home remedies

The fatty liver disease is really common nowadays because a change of life style. Many people eat unhealthy food and do less exercise than before. The unhealthy habits make people fat and there will be more fat to the liver, and then lead to fatty liver. .It is important to cure fatty liver as soon as Read more [...]

Reversing fatty liver by 5 steps at home

Fatty liver is a common liver disease which might cause serious problems.Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, is the most common condition that might progress to liver failure. Alcoholic fatty liver can progress to cirrhosis and liver failure as well. But if you take proper measures, you can reverse Read more [...]

Side effects of fatty liver you should pay attention to

Fatty liver disease might cause by a lot of factors, and if you suffer from it, please pay enough attention to that in order to avoid the further side effects. According to a research, many people do not pay attention to fatty liver as it is usually with no symptoms at all. But what you should understand Read more [...]

Something you should know about fatty deposits on liver

Fatty deposits on the liver is not a good news for you, that means there are too much fat around your liver cells, and you might already have fatty liver disease. Fatty deposits might caused by fatty diet, drinking alcohol, taking certain medications, or pregnancy. But do not worry about that, usually Read more [...]