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The safety of damiana

Damiana is a medicinal herb which is widely used for hundreds of years. Men use damiana as an aphrodisiac and proved to be effective. People also use damiana to reduce symptoms of depression, menstrual problems and asthma. Is damiana safe to all people? Not exactly, we suggest you to discuss the safety Read more [...]

5 Side Effects of Damiana

Damiana is an herb used as remedy for erectile dysfunction for long time. It is usually consider to be safe, but there is still some side effects that you need to pay attention to. Here we list the main 5 Side Effects of Damiana for your reference. Diarrhea is the main side effect of damiana. Read more [...]

What Is Damiana Herb?

What Is Damiana Herb? Damiana is a herbal shrub that grows in the southwest region of the United States. Damiana is believed to have an impact on the reproductive and hormonal systems in our body. It works wonders great for men and women to sexual pleasure. The main ingredient in damiana is terpenes. Read more [...]

What are the Benefits of Damiana Leaf to Women Infertility?

Many women have problems of infertility nowadays because of the pollution and bad habit. And the herbal infertility treatments is a good and effective way for them. Damiana is one herb used by women to increase fertility. Here we explain that to you in detail. Damiana is a kind of herb which is wide Read more [...]

What are the Uses of Damiana?

Damiana is a traditional herb in southern Texas and Mexico. Damiana helps to increase blood flow in the body, and it is widely used as a sexual stimulant and digestive aid in the past. It is rich in volatile oils . Here we tell you what are the uses of damiana in detail. First of all, we make a brief Read more [...]

Make Damiana Tea at Home in 5 Steps

Damiana is a gentle herb that is most frequently administered in the form of a tea or infusion. Damiana tea is used for centuries for the treatment of some disease as well as to boost libido. If you want to take damiana tea, one good way is to buy the dried leaves at natural health stores, and then make Read more [...]

What are the Benefits of Damiana Tea

The damiana tea is a common herbal supplement in Mexico, South America and parts of the southwest United States for long time. The tea possesses anti-anxiety, aphrodisiac and blood-sugar regulating properties. Here we explain the Benefits of Damiana Tea to you in detail. Blood Sugar Regulation Read more [...]