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How to Increase Collagen Production Naturally

The the one who have collagen deficiency, you can increase collagen intake or increase collagen production. There are many ways to achieve that, some of them are expensive and some are economical. Here we give easy way to increase collagen production naturally. Laser treatment is a new way to increase Read more [...]

How to do collagen eye treatment at home

Collagen protein help to make your skin smooth. For the one who decreases in collagen as they age, there will be discoloration, wrinkles, and bags around the their eyes. If you use collagen to treat your eyes, there will be good result. If you want to find a good collagen eye treatment supplement, Read more [...]

Collagen hair treatment introduction

Collagen supplement is usually used as cosmetic to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. And it can also be used fo hear treatment. Here we introduce you easy way to do collagen hair treatment for healthy hair. As we know, collagen makes up nearly 25 percent of the body’s protein and is Read more [...]

Collagen deficiency Causes, symptoms and treatment

Collagen supplement benefits a lot such as giving the skin the appearance of fullness and smoothness. It also exists in internal organs, muscles, tendons, cartilage as well as teeth. As you age, collagen production decreases and will cause wrinkles, scarring and sagging skin. Here we introduce Collagen Read more [...]

3 types of collagen

Collagen is a kind of natural protein widely existed in human body such as skin and bones. There are many types of collagen because of the difference of chemical compositions. Generally speaking, collagen types I, II, and III compose the majority of the body’s collagen content. Here we do brief introduction Read more [...]

4 collagen and elastin rich foods

Over 90 percent of the dermis are made of elastin and collagen fibers. So if you want to have a natural, healthy look on skin. It is a good idea to take foods rich in collagen and elastin fibers. Animal Bones is rich in collagen and elastin. Essentially the most notable of these kinds of foods Read more [...]

What are the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen?

Hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that is derived from bovine bone and cartilage.Compared to regular collagen supplement, the hydrolyzed collagen are easy to be absorbed into the bloodstream, and can be used to form new collagen. Here we tell you the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen in detail. Find the Read more [...]

Brief introduction about collagen and elastin

Both collagen and elastin are structural proteins in human body. The two kind of proteins work in partnership in connective tissues. Elastin is mainly in the artery walls, lungs, intestines, and skin. Collagen is mainly in tendons, ligaments, and the connective tissue of skin, blood vessels, and lungs. Read more [...]

3 collagen supplements side effects you should know

Collagen is a necessary part of human body which keeps us youthful and healthy. So many people take collagen supplements nowadays. However, you should know that there are also risks if you do not take collagen properly. Here we share 3 collagen supplements side effects you shoud know. If you use collagen Read more [...]

5 health benefits of collagen supplement

Collagen is one of the main part of your body, it is a essential part of muscles, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones as well as skin. Collagen supplements have a lot of health benefits. If you want to know how it works, here we list the 5 health benefits of collagen supplement for your reference. First Read more [...]