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Healthy calorie intake for men

It is widely accepted that to control your calorie is the most important factor to control your weight. For for the one who wants to wish to lose weight fast, it is important to maintain a healthy calorie intake so you can achieve your goal. Here we share some tips about healthy calorie intake for men Read more [...]

Useful tips to increase calorie intake

If you need to go for a long trip, or attend a higher weight class competition, you need to increase calorie intake in order to put on weight. Someone considers than increase calorie intake is just eat much more than usual, so they eat a lot every day, which leads to obesity. It is not a healthy way Read more [...]

Calorie intake to gain weight

If you want to gain weight, you also should consider of the calorie intake. In order to gain more muscle, you should get more calories such as do regular weight training and adding more protein and fat in a diet. Here we give some experience about how to make your calorie intake plan to gain weight. Step Read more [...]

Recommended calorie intake

In order to keep fit we have to monitor calorie intake as it is the key point of weight gain/loss. For example, if calorie isn’t burned immediately, it will be transformed to fat. Someone told me that it is not easy to control calorie intake, as calorie is just a value and is not visible. But actually, Read more [...]

Daily calorie intake advice for teens

Teens are in the period of growth and development, so we should pay special attention to their diet.If they eat too much or too little, there will be result problems later on in life. It is important to know how many calories teen need per day, and help them manage and maintain a healthy weight. Here Read more [...]

Reduce calorie intake to lose weight

The most effective way to lose weight is to reduce the calorie intake. By eating less, you will have fast weight loss. However, not all people know how to reduce calorie intake to lose weight in a proper way. If you have not done it rightly, it is likely that you will gain the weight back. Here we tell Read more [...]

How to calculate calorie intake

If you want to gain weight or lose weight, one think we recommend you to do is to calculate your calorie intake so you can make exercise plan and diet plan accordingly and start healthier way of life. Here we share tips for you to calculate calorie intake. First of all, you should know the below equations Read more [...]