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5 tips to cure bulimia at home

Bulimia have a lot of side effects and can cause a variety of diseases, so it is necessary to cure it as early as possible. For these who do not have very serious Bulimia Nervosa, you do not come to the hospital. Just ask for doctor’s advice, and you can cure bulimia easily at home. Here we share 5 Read more [...]

Don’t miss these regular symptoms of bulimia

People with bulimia nervosa usually try to hide their behavior and do not want others to find that they are eating a lot and then purging it fast in order to lose weight. It is dangerous as bulimia will cause a lot of trouble, and if we do not find it earlier, there will be serious consequences and even Read more [...]

Top 3 best foods for bulimia

Bulimia can cause a lot of trouble such as electrolyte imbalances, dehydration and even heart attack or stroke. Bulimia is a type of eating disorder, so in order to cure it, we need to take measures about eating. It is reported that some certain foods is helpful for bulimia patients, and here we make Read more [...]

5 early signs of bulimia you should know

Bulimia is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder which is characterized by binge eating and then vomiting. It is a serious disease which usually happened to young women, and is hard to overcome. It will be helpful if we can detect the early signs of bulimia in advance and take therapy as early Read more [...]

5 bulimia side effects to your body

Bulimia is also called as bulimia nervosa. It is a kind of eating disorder. People suffering from bulimia eat a lot but then purging in inappropriate ways such as vomiting as they concerns a lot about their weight. Bulimia nervosa brings a lot of side effects to people’s body, and here we make a brief Read more [...]

Best Bulimia book reviews 2014

If you want to know more about bulimia, search and reading articles on the net is far from enough. The best way is to find a useful book and read them carefully. Here we share 3 best bulimia books review 2014 for your reference. Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery It is a useful self-help guidebook for Read more [...]

What is Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia Nervosa is a kind of eating disorder that happens to young women and teenage girls. The bulimia nervosa patient will would use inappropriate methods to control their weight such as vomiting, fasting, enemas and compulsive exercising. These patients are usually under emotion of frustration, depression Read more [...]

Bulimia Help Product Review

For the one who is suffering from bulimia, it is urgent to find a useful method to cure herself. Here we have a good choice for you. This Bulimia Help e-book is proved to be effective, and sells well on the net for over 5 years. I recently discovered “The Bulimia Help Method”, a self-help bulimia Read more [...]