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Burn your fat by heavy rope workout

Heavy rope training is widely used to improve hand and forearm strength there days. If you use that correctly, you can have an impact-free, full-body workout and benefit from it a lot. You can pick thick ropes are between 1 1/4 and 3 inches in diameter, and between 40 and 60 feet in length. Just pick Read more [...]

5 battle ropes benefits you should know

Battle rope exercise is first introduced by Steve Lutsk and now it is becoming more and more popular. People use battle rope to control weight at first, and actually, the battle ropes benefits is more than that. Here we list the main 5 battle ropes benefits you should know for your reference. Battle Read more [...]

Battle rope training guide at home

A battle rope is a simple exercise tool enable you to do cardio exercise at home. typically battle ropes are 10-15m long and approximately 5cm thick weighing up to 20kg. Battle rope is now popular and you can buy it from specialist fitness and boot camp training stores or online. However, although Read more [...]

Battle Ropes workout For Beginners

Have you ever seen thick, heavy white ropes coiled up around a beam while working out at gym. If you do not do a lot exercise, you might not know what it is. However, if you like sport and do exercise a lot, you must know that battle ropes is really good way of doing sport. Heer we share some useful Read more [...]

Cheap battle ropes for sale

Are you looking for Cheap battle ropes for sale? If you are just doing this, please consider the model we introduce below, it might help you to make decision. Introduction This is an 1.5″ X 16.5 FT rope which is designed for beginner users. Its detail information is as below. Battle CrossFit Battling Training Core Workout Rope (1.5in Thick X 30ft Long) by – [-] Rank/Rating: 489006/- Price: – Hand-Crafted Read more [...]

Best battle ropes review: CFF 50′ Polypropylene Rope

Rope training is a highly functional but intense method of training designed to challenge all of the energy systems. If you need to find the best batter ropes on the net, it is the best battle rope for you. CFF 50′ Polypropylene Rope is Perfect for Battling! Introduction It is the Best battle ropes Read more [...]