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Treat anorexia by behavior therapy easily at home in 5 steps

As we know, anorexia is not only related to patient’s appetite, it is also related to people’s behavior. So in order to treat anorexia patients, it is important to do behavior therapy as well as doing physical treatment. According to a research, behavior therapy is one of the best way to treat anorexia. Read more [...]

5 signs and symptoms of anorexia

Anorexia is a disease that usually happened to young girls. If you to not take it seriously, it will be a disaster and even cause death. So if your friend or family member have some signs of anorexia, you should take her to doctor on time. Here are 5 signs and symptoms of anorexia you should know. Anorexia Read more [...]

5 Anorexia Facts you should know

Anorexia is a type of eating disorder which is usually happened to young ladies and teens. The one who suffers from anorexia usually does not eat or just eat a little. It is not a very serious disease. In order to treat it correctly, you should know it well first. Here we share 5 Anorexia Facts you should Read more [...]