Simple but effective treadmill workouts for men

Treadmill is an excellent equipment for cardio exercise, but if you walk 1 hour everyday, it becomes boring, so many people do not have enough patience to exercise for a long period. Men generally have a great aerobic capacity and need to push hard on a treadmill to produce the required level of exertion, so it is necessary to do regular exercise on a treadmill. Simply change the speed and incline of your equipment or make some change, a boring treadmill will challenge you more and make the workout interesting. Please read this simple but effective treadmill workouts for men.

First of all, we should tell that warm up is a necessary process ever you are the strongest men in the world. By warm-up, you can slowly increase your heart rate so as to reduce the risk of injury. You can do to jump jacks or just set your treadmill at a low speed and walk for 3 – 5 minutes. After you have finished your warm-up exercise, you can gradually increase the speed to normal.

And effective way for men to challenge himself is to add incline during treadmill workout. By changing the incline, you can train different muscle groups. For example,you can increase the incline by 4 percent, try to walk or run the same time as before. You must feel more tired. You also can set it and your treadmill can increase your incline every 2 or 5 minutes during your training process. You probably will have a different experience from walking on flat ground.treadmill workout men

Interval training is another good method to push your performance to the next level. You should have a treadmill with presetting program at intervals exercise. Or you should always change the speed manually on your control panel, which is very boring. By some advanced treadmill model, you can use its build-in setting to do the first interval at a high-intensity pace, and second interval at low-intensity pace. Keep in mind that pushes yourself harder than you think is needed, so will get a better result and build stronger muscle.

Besides, we know for a long period, it is boring even you set intervals and incline. So we suggest you to increase the difficulty day by day and to challenge yourself, you will gain happiness and be very motivated when you make a new record. Just follow this simple and effective treadmill workouts for men, you will be different in a few months.