Side Effects of Vitex Chasteberry Supplement

Vitex is used as ancient herbal remedy for women for centuries around the worls. It benefits a lot for symptoms of PMS and painful menstruation in healthy women between the ages of 20 and 40. But if you do not take it properly, there will be side effects and cause problems to you. Here we tell the Side Effects of Vitex Chasteberry Supplement for your reference.

Vitex Chasteberry side effects

The most common adverse effects of vitex supplement are gastrointestinal disturbance, nausea, headache, acne, itching, rash and menstrual disorders.

Hormonal side effects is also common as vitex contains sex hormones (progesterone) and will affect hormone levels. Because of that, we do not suggest patients to take vitex supplement during pregnancy or with a hormone-related health condition, such as breast cancer.

The drug interaction between vitex chasteberry and other medications also need to be noticed. At present, there is no drug interactions were reported with use of vitex. But still it may have some effect on how the brain releases dopamine. So we du not suggest you to take vitex supplement with dopamine-related drugs such as selegiline, amantadine and levodopa.

Here are the Side Effects of Vitex Chasteberry Supplement for your should know that vitex is just supplement, you can not replace drugs by that supplement. If you plan to take this supplement to address their health concerns,it is better to talk with doctor first.