Side effects of Guarana Supplement

Guarana is a herbal supplement which is widely used in energy drinks, usualy it is consider to be safe, but still be careful about taking guarana supplement. If you take it in high doses or take that over a long period of time, guarana might bring side effects. Here we list the main side effects of guarana supplement for your reference.

Guarana Supplement side effects

Caffine side effects is the main side effect of guarana supplement if you overdose it. Caffeine increases the heart rate, causes trembling to occur, increased blood pressure and delirium can also result. Excessive amounts of caffeine in the human body can cause restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, nausea, vomiting and irritated stomach lining. Other side effects of increased caffeine consumption are pain when urinating, ringing in the ears, headache and agitation.

Besides, guarana might cause claucoma. Users of guarana who suffer from glaucoma should be aware as elevated caffeine in the supplement can increase the pressure within the eyes. The caffeine in guarana also increases the risk of osteoporosis by flushing out the calcium in the body.

Guarana supplement also cause allergic reaction. Extreme, life threatening allergic reactions to guarana have been recorded. Users have experienced hives, swelling of the tongue, swelling of the throat and difficulty breathing. The lips and face have also shown swelling. Irregular heartbeat and chest pain have also occurred.

It might cause diabetes risk according to modern research. Users of guarana who are also diabetic may suffer complicated blood sugar control. The caffeine in guarana can effect how a person’s body utilizes blood glucose. Anyone suffering from diabetes should consult their doctor about the possible risks of guarana before taking the supplement.

Guarana also cause problems to women during pregnancy. A small volume of guarana whilst pregnant or breastfeeding might not be damaging but seek the advice of along with your medical professional 1st ahead of utilizing the herbal supplement. In larger doses guarana can cause an adverse reaction like an elevated risk miscarriage or feasible adverse unwanted side effects towards the fetus or baby.

Here we list the main Side effects of Guarana Supplement for your reference. Hope you can be careful about that so you can use that supplement safely.

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