Side effects of Astragalus herb

Astragalus is a genus of herbaceous plants with a long history of use in Chinese herbal medicine. Astragalus extract is a excellent herbal supplement that works well to boost your health or immunity . We have discussed bout the health benefits of this plant before, and it also have some side effects. Here we tell the Side effects of Astragalus herb in detail.

Astragalus herb side effects

Generally speaking, the Astragalus herb is considered to be safe so the US FDA have not regulated this herbal supplements. Just because of this, at present the scientific data regarding the benefits of astragalus is limited as well as its side effects. But still there is some recorded side effects of it.

The Allergic Reactions are one main side effects of it. As we know, Astragalus shrubs and herbs are members of the legume family, which also includes common plants like soybeans, peas and peanuts. In the event you have an current allergy to legumes or any member of the legume household, its probably that you simply could exhibit allergic symptoms ranging from mild rashes to far more serious anaphylactic reactions. Folks with asthma are also susceptible to allergic reactions if their asthma is triggered by bark or pollen, as astragalus extracts may perhaps also contain traces of the astragalus sap. Since astragalus is rarely sold as a pure extract and is much more frequently sold in multi-ingredient supplements, it can be tricky to recognize irrespective of whether or not a supplement contains the potentially triggering ingredient.

There are also other Side Effects if you do not take Astragalus herb properly. It is reported that Astragalus may also act as a diuretic and increase your risk of dehydration if you are suffering from a fluid imbalance. Herbal supplements containing astragalus have been linked to incidences of increased or sporadic heart rate, digestive discomfort and disruptions in blood pressure. If you have a blood disorder, be careful about using astragalus in order to lower the risk of bleeding.

Here are some side effects of Astragalus herb you should pay attention to. Be careful about that in order to eat healthily.