Rowing machine buying guide

Rowing machines are perfect for daily exercise tools. So many people want to buy one at home. Today, there are various of types and brands of rowing machines on the market with different price and function. How to pick the best one for yourself? Which index would you like to consider, resistance type, size, performance monitors or anything else? Here we share rowing machine buying guide for your reference.

Consider your weight and height first. The most important thing when you buy a rowing machine is that it should suit your body. For example, rowing machine for home use usually supports 250 pounds, so if you are too fat, you should buy some expensive models which can support 500 pounds. And if you are a tall man, make sure the machine allows you to fully extend your legs, you can choose a seat that slides back 45 inches or more. Besides, if different family member will use this machine, just pick one with adjustable seat and foot pads.

Pick the right size of your house. Rowing machines need at least 25 inches by 50 inches of spaces when you do exercise. If you live in an apartment with less space, a folding rowing machine will be better. Some folding model are cheap but with poor material, we suggest you to get some stable and durable models for long term use.

rowing machine buyers guideYou also should determine the resistance type when make decision. Generally speaking, you can pick from hydraulics, magnets, air or water. Air and water machines feel smooth and authentic but are expensive and large. Hydraulic is cheap, but tends to be jarring and can strain tendons. Have a try on them and pick your favourite one.

We suggest you to get a rowing machine with performance monitor that provides useful data in detail, which displays speed, stroke rate, distance and even calories burned. If you have enough money, you can choose a model which can store your workouts history. At present,not all rowing machines on the market have monitors. The one with electronic display is usually more expensive.But with these data, you can know yourself well and do better exercise.

Price is usually what we should consider. By an affordable one based on your own financial situation. According to a survey, rowing machine price comes from $200 to $2,000. Cheaper models only provide workouts function, and expensive models provide multifunction and work more quiet, and usually can last for a longer time.

This rowing machine buying guide is based on our experience, if are beginner of this exercise and want to have a home model, just follow our instruction, and pick one of the best rowing machine from a local store or online.