Recommended herbs for fatty liver

Poor diet and lack of exercise cause fatty liver disease. It can be reversed but if you do not change your way of live and treat it in time, it will turn to liver fibrosis or even cirrhosis of the liver. Here we share some recommended herbs for fatty liver, taking them will be helpful for you to reversing the damage.

herbs for fatty liver

  1. Barberry is the first herb we suggest you to take for fatty liver. It help the liver function properly. In order to maximize the effect, you can take some blackberry supplement 400 mg daily. Do not take too much or there will be side effects such as miscarriage.
  2. Dandelion is an extremely powerful liver cleanser and can be eaten raw or taken as a tincture or supplement. Take 5 to 10 mL per day in tincture form. Dandelion’s side effects can include digestive troubles and dermatitis.
  3. Cascara Sagrada is an digestive aid herb which helps to support the liver. You can take the tincture form of Cascara Sagrada. But do not use that if you are a pregnant women as it might cause diarrhea.
  4. Gentian root aids digestion and helps the liver function properly. Gentian root can be taken as a supplement, 3 to 6g per day. Side effects can include mild headaches.
  5. Golden seal works as liver cleanser and purifier. We suggest you to take golden seal supplement. But do not take too much in order to avoid the side effects of digestive problems and nervousness.

Here are 5 Recommended herbs for fatty liver. If you want to cure your fatty liver faster, talk with your doctor and have a try.

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