Pros and Cons of Astragalus Root Supplement

Astragalus has long history in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is proved to be effective by modern theory nowadays. So more people choose astragalus root supplement to improve health recently. Its primary use is as an immune system enhancer with few risks or side effects. Here we introduce the pros and cons of Astragalus Root Supplement for your reference.

Astragalus Root Supplement pros and cons

Pros of Astragalus Root Supplement

Astragalus root supplement may help prevent colds or upper respiratory ailments. For use as a preventative, it must be taken regularly, not just when cold symptoms appear. While some preliminary studies indicate that astragalus is helpful, more research is needed. Such studies would compare the incidence of colds and upper respiratory disease in those who took the herb over a certain period of time with the incidence in those who did not.

Heart Benefits are the main health benefits of Astragalus Root Supplement.While astragalus is promoted for its cardiac benefits, there is little research to back up these assertions. Proponents allege that the herb can benefit people with hypertension and lower the risk of cardiovascular health problems.

Cons of Astragalus Root Supplement

It is reported that women who are nursing or pregnant should not take astragalus. And these with an immune disease such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or syndromes referred to as autoimmune conditions should stay away from that product.

In order to take Astragalus Root Supplement safely, we suggest you to talk with your doctor before taking them.