4 Health Benefits of Spirulina Supplement

Spirulina is kind of supplement which is usually used in dried form, you can buy powders or flakes or as a supplement in tablets and capsules. It have a lot of health benefits to our body. Here we explain that in detail. First of all, Spirulina Supplement help to relieve from allergy symptoms. Spirulina Read more [...]

How to remove cellulite for men

Cellulite usually happens to women but sometimes men also might have such problem. Most men with cellulite have it in their abdomen. If you are just on of such unlucky men, we give you some guide here. Read the tips below and see how to remove cellulite for men. Healthy diet is the best way to prevent Read more [...]

Will Echinacea Cause Allergies?

Echinacea is a popular herbal plant which is used for many body disorders and help to boost your immune system. However, some specialist warns that echinacea might cause some allergies, so you should pay attention to that in order avoid the risks. Echinacea is also known as black Susan, American Read more [...]

Fold a menstrual cup in 4 steps

Most women use sanitary napkins or tampons these days during menstruation period. But nowadays, there are many new products that have come out onto the market to help a woman have more variety during her monthly cycle. Menstrual cup is a great product. If you want to use this product, one main thing Read more [...]

The safety of damiana

Damiana is a medicinal herb which is widely used for hundreds of years. Men use damiana as an aphrodisiac and proved to be effective. People also use damiana to reduce symptoms of depression, menstrual problems and asthma. Is damiana safe to all people? Not exactly, we suggest you to discuss the safety Read more [...]

3 Tips to Buy Goji Juice

Goji Berry is delicious and have a lot of health benefits. It contains many great nutrients such as Vitamin C, iron, amino acids,protein, iron and other important vitamins and minerals. If you want to buy Goji Berry from market, here we share some useful tips for you to buy Goji Juice of good quality. Tip Read more [...]

How to Use Saw Palmetto to Treat Enlarged Prostate Glands

This dwarf palm is thought to affect the hormones which cause enlarged prostate glands. So now saw palmetto supplement can be used for enlarged prostate glands. Here we explain that to you in detail. Step 1: Enlarged prostate glands is also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPHMake sure Read more [...]

How to Use Feverfew to Treat a Migraine in 4 steps

A migraine is a severe headache which is terrible for most of patients especially aged people. Feverfew supplement is a good product for the prevention and treatment of migraines and are used to many migraine sufferers nowadays, here we tell you How to Use Feverfew to Treat a Migraine in 4 steps. Step Read more [...]

How to do foam roller exercise for lower back

A foam roller can be helpful for those who have stiff achy back in the morning. Just do foam roller exercise for lower back regularly, it can be helpful for your healthy. It is reported that minor injuries and can be prevented with foam rolling, stretching, core strength and proper nutrition. Here we Read more [...]

Ride bicycle while using diva menstrual cup

Diva Cup brings a lot of convenience for women. By using that, you will feel no difference to ride bicycle during your period. Here we introduce how to ride bicycle while using diva menstrual cup. Step 1: First of all, pick the right size Dive Cup. A woman over 30 or a woman under 30 who has Read more [...]