Benefits and side effects of Arjuna bark

Arjuna is also called Terminalia arjuna. It is a tall evergreen plant with light yellow flowers and cone-shaped leaves. Usually the Arjuna bark can be used for medical purpose such as for the treatment of gastric disturbance, headache and body pain. Here we introduce the health benefits and side effects Read more [...]

Be Careful About the Side Effects of Bovine Colostrum

  Bovine Colostrum is also known as early milk. It is produced by all mammals shortly after giving birth to young. Colostrum provides antibodies and nutrition. These are useful for the fortification of developing immune systems. Bovine Colostrum also contains a protein with high quality as well Read more [...]

What Is Andrographis Paniculata?

What Is Andrographis Paniculata? Andrographis paniculata is a herb plant which have plenty of medicinal properties. It can be used to for the treatment of common cold, people also use this to boost the immune system. If you want to use it, please pay attention to its side effects as it might cause digestive Read more [...]

What are the uses of terminalia arjuna natural extracts

Terminalia arjuna the name of a tree which have many health benefits and medical use. It can be used as nutritional supplement and a medicine. Here we introduce the uses of terminalia arjuna natural extracts in detail. First of all, terminalia arjuna natural extracts can be used for the treatment Read more [...]

Health benefits of andrographis paniculata herb

Andrographis paniculata is a her plant which is native to Asia and India and can be used for numerous medicinal benefits alone of with other herbs. Here we list the main health benefits of andrographis paniculata herb for your reference. Nature’s Way Andrographis Capsules Review First of Read more [...]

Best Arjuna Bark Supplement: Nutrigold Arjuna Gold Capsules Review

Arjuna is a natural medicine which have anti-bacterial and anti cancer function. The Arjuna bark supplement works great and have a lot of medical use. Here we introduce the Nutrigold Arjuna Gold Capsules for you, it is one of the Best Arjuna Bark Supplement one the market. Introduction The Nutrigold Read more [...]

Side effects of andrographis complex/andrographis paniculata

Andrographis Complex is the brand name in the United States for an herbal supplement that which contains andrographis paniculata supplement. The andrographis complex is a good immune system booster and help you to improve body condition well. However, it might also cause some problems if you do not Read more [...]

The Uses of Yohimbe for Women

Yohimbe is a natural herbal extract which is popular in men for treatment of male impotence and orgasmic dysfunction, it also benefits for women. And here we introduce the The Uses of Yohimbe for Women briefly. Alghouth it has not been studied as extensively for use in women.It is reported that yohimbe Read more [...]

What are the uses of andrographis paniculata

Andrographis is a popular herb used in Chinese medicine. It can be useful for human body in tradition medicine theory as well as the modern clinical studies. Here we list the main uses of andrographis paniculata for your reference. First of all, andrographis paniculata help to ease inflammation. Read more [...]

4 Tips to Use Yohimbe Properly

Yohimbe comes from the bark of a tree mainly in Africa. Now it was used as a tea and supplement for many medical use.  Here we share 4 Tips to Use Yohimbe Properly. Tip 1: Yohimbe can also be used for weight loss sometimes. Yohimbe has been recognized to stimulate the central nervous system, Read more [...]