Orlistat on treatment of obesity

Orlistat is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor which decreases intestinal fat absorption and promotes loss of weight. Does orlistat work? Many people who are attempting this might have such problem. Here we share research abstract about Orlistat on treatment of obesity.

The aim of this research is to evaluate the effect of Orlistat in treatment of weight loss, weight maintenance and improvement of relative cardiovascular risk factors in obese patients.

15 randomized placebo-con-trolled double-blinded trials were selected from different databases, analyzed by RevMan4.1software.Random Effect Model was applied to analyze the pooled results and heterogeneity.Sensitivity analysis was conducted by calculating the fail-safe number.For continuous data, a pooled weighted mean difference(WMD) was generated and a summary relative risk(RR) was calculated for dichotomous variables.

treatment of obesity

Finally we obtain the result as below.

  • After1-year treatment of Orlistat, WMD of weight loss percentage was-2.78%(-3.26%, -2.30%).
  • The RR of orlistat-treated patients who lost<10% initial body weight were0.84(0.81,0.87).
  • The WMD of total serum cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol were -6.06%(-7.32%, -4.81%) and-7.29%(-8.92%, -5.66%) respectively.
  • At the end of second year, the RR of orlistat-treated patients who lost<10%initial body weight were0.86(0.82,0.91).
  • The WMD of to-tal serum cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol were-5.89%(-7.60%, -4.18%) and-6.53%(-9.00%, -4.05%).
  • Orlistat was also associated with greater improvements than placebo in waist circumference, fasting plasma glucose, HbA 1C,serum insulin and blood pressure.

Based on the data above, we can conclude that orlistat is an effective, safe new drug to treat obesity.With other methods, such as behavior adjustment, it will get more weight loss, weight maintenance and improvements of relative risk factors.