OPTP Pro 36 Foam Rollers Review

Optp foam roller is usually know as good quality and reputation, so today we just introduce one popular model of this brand for your reference, here please read this OPTP Pro 36 Foam Rollers Review in detail.

OPTP PFR36B Pro-Roller Standard Density Foam Roller, Blue

Rank/Rating: 10279/-
Price: $49.95


Are you trying to find the best foam roller, the blue marble and green marble OPTP foam rollers are probably these you want to have. If you have a try, probably you will see and feel the difference in this high quality professional roller immediately. This model is great for Pilates, clinics as well as family use. The professional quality makes it well know nowadays.

optp foam roller


OPTP Pro 36 Foam Rollers are one of the most durable foam roller you can find online.

The OPTP Pro 36 Foam Rollers works great for IT Ban and can help you to relieve the pain.

It is of great quality and you can use it for a long time.


The only drawback is that the price is not cheap.

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Customer Review

If you exercise a lot everyday, this OPTP Pro 36 Foam Roller is a must for you. It is great for IT band, we like it so much.

I am a teacher and my middle back had been killing me in the end of the day for over a year. This roller cured my year long back problems. I place the roller against my back against a wall and went up and down ten times and now I’m cured.


Overall, OPTP Pro 36 Foam Roller is sturdy, and I think those who want to find good quality foam roller should have a try on this model.