NOW Foods Zinc Picolinate supplement Review

We have introduce Now Foods Zinc Gluconate before, and this Now Foods Zinc Picolinate is also a good zinc supplement. Here we make a brief introduction for your reference.


Zinc Picolinate 50mg by Now Foods 120 Capsule provide enough zinc supplement for human body daily. It is of great quality and price. You can find detail information below.

NOW Foods Zinc Picolinate supplement

  • 50 mg zinc picolinate
  • Promotes immune system health
  • Gluten free
  • 120 capsules included


If you have trouble absorbing zinc from food, this is a right form for you.

This is a really good way to get zinc in the ideal and most bio-available picolinate form.

Capsules are much easier to swallow.

50 mg per capsule is the ideal dose for most men though a bit heavy for women.


They might cause digestive upset.

Customer Review

Immediately after using this NOW Foods Zinc Picolinate supplement for 1 month it has started to clear my psoriasis just after 25 years on my hand. All I can say its astounding to me just after 25 years and various medical doctors not among them ever pointed out zinc. If you endure from this horrid skin condition start taking 50mgs every day you have practically nothing to lose.

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Took this NOW Foods Zinc Picolinate supplement to up my immune method and to also handle my acne. Worked well for me. I take everyday and on occasion, if I felt a sore throat coming on, I’d take a further pill. Didn’t get sick. Pair this up with some Pantothenic Acid, when you have oily skin like I do and can be prone to getting cysts.


Overall, this is a great way for you to get zinc. Have a try and you will like it.