Menstrual cup comparison: How to buy the right menstrual cup for you?

There are so many menstrual cups on the market, so usually people will have such question before buying. Which cup is good for me? How to buy the right menstrual cup? Here we make brief menstrual cup comparison for your reference.

Menstrual cup comparison

Before buying menstrual cup, first of all consider the diameter you need and the length you want.If you know how your cervix sits, this information can be helpful for you to choose the right cup. I discover that a shorter cup is my preference, but I also know many women that choose a longer cup either for a larger cervix or because they can be much easier to reach. Along these lines is definitely the stem. For me, the stem isn?ˉt an issue given that I cut them off anyhow, but for you personally it might be, so keep that in mind too.

Also consider the flow while choosing the cups. Many women think that they have a super flow so choose as large as possible. However, according the the research, most woman has a moderate flow at the range of 30-120 ml, so just choose a proper cup. We suggest you to buy menstrual cup with a higher capacity, though like many women you may find that a cup lightens your flow.

Besides, we suggest you to compare the brands and find a reliable brand as it is usually of better quality. Pick the silicone material, and price from $20 – $40. If it is the first time of you considering a cup, The Diva Cup would be a good choice.

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