Meal plan to gain weight

The key point to gain weight is to eat better and exercise more, so here we just focus on a diet of weight gain plan. Here we share healthy meal plan to gain weight for you. It is not a fast way, but is more healthy.

  • Tip 1: Increase your calorie intake. Please understand that eat more will definately increase your weight.First check, the calories you consume by your present eating habit. And raise it gradually in the next few days.
  • Tip 2: Eat more starches as usual. Starches can be transformed to fat and then protein easily. And it is not difficult to be absorbed than fat and protein. So just eat white bread and pasta more so you can gradually increase your weight. We also suggest you to eat extra in the evening after supper. Besides, potatoes are also contain a lot of starch. So also put it in your meal plan to gain weight.meal plan gain weight
  • Tip 3: Cook and make your food in a more professional way. We do not encourage to gain weight while sacrifice health. So we suggest you not to fry your foods which add calories as well as increase health risks. Suggested way to prepare food is to cook it by healthier oils such as peanut, olive oils and so on.
  • Tip 4:Take healthy fats.Just as we said before, healthy fats such as olive oil is great for weight gain without raising your risk of heart disease. Just takes some healthy oil when you make salad or other food. It is safe and useful.
  • Tip 5: Take nutritional supplements in the meal plan to gain weight. Just add some protein shakes or liquid meal to your solid diet. And take some protein bars between meals.