Make Dandelion Root Extract in 5 Steps

Dandelion is a common weed in the yard, it also have many healing properties such as cleansing the liver & blood, helping dissolve stones in the liver, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure etc. Dandelion root is the best part of this plant, here we tell you how to make dandelion root extract in 5 steps.

Dandelion Root Extract

Step 1: Collect dandelion roots in right time at right place. It is reported that the healing benefits of plant roots are strongest in the fall, after the flowers are gone but before the first frost. A lot of gardeners with an interest in herbal healing develop dandelions as part of an herb garden. For those who have not already started cultivating dandelions, look for plants in healthier soil, avoiding roadside development.

Step 2: Collect the roots by proper tools. We suggest you to use .a trowel or small shovel to do that. Just dig up the roots of the plant carefully. Then put the roots in a covered basket or paper bag. In order to have enough extract, we suggest you to take at least 4 oz. of root material.

Step 3: Wash the plant and separate the roots from the rest of the plant, and remove any dirt, stones or insects.Then chop the roots into pieces of about 1/4 inch using either a knife and cutting board or a food processor.

Step 4: Then process the roots on a stove to extract all the water-soluble material following the guide below. First place 4 oz. of dandelion roots in 2 qt. of water and bring to a boil and the pot simmer until you have reduced the liquid to about one quart. Then strain through a cheesecloth. Add the roots to 1 qt. of water and once more bring to a boil and decrease to 1 pt. Once again, strain and save the liquid. Discard the boiled roots. Combine the liquid saved from the two boilings and reheat. Cook this down to about two oz. You will need to allow quite a few hours for this course of action.

Step 5: At last, you should carefully preserve the dandelion extract. Funnel the extract into a dark glass bottle with a lid or stopper after permitting the boiled down extract to cool. You can add either vegetable glycerin or vodka as a preservative so the organic matter does not spoil.

Here we share easy 5 steps for you to Make Dandelion Root Extract at home. Hope it can be helpful.

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