Lily Cup Review: The revolutionary menstrual cup introduction

Menstrual period is painful time for girls and women. You will suffer from stomach pain, and it is also not convenient to change sanitary towel every few hours. Here we introduce this Lily cup from kickstarter (a crowdfunding website) which is published by INTIMINA company.

What is Lily Cup?

Lily Cup is a revolutionary menstrual cup which is designed to collect menstrual blood. This Lily cup is easy to use and can last for over 10 hours. According to their introduction, one piece of Lily cup does the job of 1625 tampons. So it is really great.

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Now there are 2 size for you to pick from. Size A is smaller, it is used for women who have not given birth or who have given birth by Caesarean. Size B is larger, it is used for women who have given birth naturally and those have a weaker peivic floor.

Benefits of Lily Cup

According to kickstarter website. The benefits of Lily Cup is as follows.

  • First of all, it is easy to use and you can even forget about your period by using that. Lily Cup Compact stays in place to keep you protected all day. The silicone of the cup has an incredibly soft and smooth finish, you don’t even feel your cup when you’re wearing it. It gives you up to 10 hours of non-stop protection, so you can do what you like all day long without the trouble of Menstrual period.
  • Secondly, Lily cup help you to stay healthy. Pads and tampons might contain nasty chemicals like dioxins and furans, pesticide residues, and fragrances. Tampons also might can cause dryness, irritation and can mess with your intimate balance. Lily Cup Compact is made from 100% medical-grade silicone. It is hypoallergenic, latex-free, phthalate-free, and contains zero toxins. Silicone is non-absorbent, so it respects the pH and flora balance of the vagina.
  • Additionally, Lily Cup is an environmental choice compared to the tampons. It is reported that a woman will use and dispose of 12,000 tampons or pads in her life time on average. It is a big lost and will bring a lot of waste to the earth. Lily Cup Compact is reusable and lasts for years, so you can reduce the environmental waste a lot by using that.
  • Lily Cup also save your money. One Lily Cup Compact can last for years, so you’ll save up to 75% of your menstrual care expenses and never have to run to the drug store again.


Although many think this Lily cup is environmental and of excellent design, some one argue that if you want to give a temporary wash to it in the office. You might get your blood everywhere in sink in public. It is so embarrassing!

At present, this Lily Cup project have already raised funds of nearly 50,000 USD and have over 1,200 supporter. So it will on sale soon. We will know if this revolutionary menstrual cup is popular among girls and women at that time.

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DivaCup Model 2 Menstrual Cup

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