Jumping jacks to lose weight really works?

Jumping Jacks is an excellent cardio exercise which raises your heart rate as well as burn calories easily. Because of this, a lot of people will do jumping jacks in order to lose weight. We suggest you to consult your doctor if you want to start a jumping jacks weight loss plan, or at least reading this article.

In order to reduce your weight, first of all you need to know how many calories you should burn if order to lose 1 pound. Generally speaking, 1 pound fat equals to 3500 calories. So if you want to lose 1 pound per week, you should burn 500 calories per day. According to a reach, 1 hour of jumping jacks workout consumes 400 – 500 calories in all on average. So you need to exercise 1 hour to 75 minutes in order to lose 1 pound per week.

Besides, what we need to tell you is that the exercise is not the only way to lose weight, it is even not an effective way unless you keep a healthy diet.

Jumping jacks burn fatOne of my friend wants to lose weight by jumping jacks workout. He just did that 1.5 hours a day, and believe will lose at least 4 pounds a month. However, 1 month later, his weight is 5 pounds higher than before.

It is because every time he finished doing exercise, he is very hungry and tired. Then he eats a lot, drinks a lot and then have a good sleep. Although he burns 500 calories per day, he intakes 1000 more, no doubt he will gain weight sharply.

Keep in mind that burning calories are not the same as burning fat. You can only burn your fat by burning calories as well as reducing your calories intake. So keep a healthy diet meanwhile if you want to lose weight by jumping jacks.