Jumping jacks cardio exercise tips you should know

Jumping jack is a good cardio exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime without any equipment. So most of people can benefit from it, whether you want to lose weight or build muscles. But if you do not know the right way to do jumping jacks cardio exercise, there might be risk. So here we tell you how to do.

  • Step 1: Stand parallel along with your feet are about 2 – 3 inches to each other and place your arms at your sides.
  • Step two: Bending your knees slightly and moving your feet apart in one hopping motion.
  • Step 3: Move your feet at a comfy distance from one another, and be certain that they are additional than shoulder length apart.
  • Jumping jacks cardio exerciseStep 4: Land on the balls of your feet. Use them to launch yourself as you bring your feet back collectively, then apart. Repeat this action for some occasions..
  • Step 5: Raise your arms more than your head within a sweeping motion as you move your feet apart. Your arms should remain straight as they sweep outward and more than your head.
  • Step 6: Lower your arms for your sides as your feet come with each other. Continue hopping for the feet apart position while your arms are raised.
  • Step 7: Reduced your arms for your sides as you immediately hop back to the starting position. Comprehensive a single move per beat.