Is Magnesium Supplements Safe to Take?

Magnesium is an essential nutrient which is important for maintaining health. However, it is reported that taking magnesium over time can be safe and effective but there are a number of important considerations. Here we explain if Magnesium Supplements is Safe to Take.

magnesium supplement safety

Magnesium is important in a broad number of physiological structures and plays a role in hundreds of biochemical reactions. Some of the key functions of magnesium include bone development, blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular health, muscle function, enzyme activation and brain health–particularly mood stabilization. People usually take magnesium supplements to improve the condition of cirrhosis, serious burns, pancreatitis or other serious health issues as well ad improve hypertension and increase bone density. An adult male between 19 and 30 years old requires 400 mg per day, while females in that age group need 310 mg.

Magnesium is safe for prolonged use “when used orally and appropriately.” Taking 500 mg orally daily is thought to be effective in addressing angina, hypertension and supporting bone health. This helps prevent unbalanced absorption amounts since these minerals compete for absorption.

However, taking more than the recommended amount for extended periods can result in a deficiency of other important nutrients. This deficiency is often caused by the adverse affects connected with magnesium such as vomiting and diarrhea. Individuals that exceed recommended amounts not only reduce the effectiveness of the mineral but also risk developing hypermagnesia which can result in death. Taking more than 750 mg of magnesium for any period of time should be part of a practitioner-monitored program and should be discontinued if severe adverse effects result.

So if you take it at a proper quantity, Magnesium Supplements is Safe to Take; but if you take too much, then it is dangerous.

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