Is it safe to use Reishi Mushrooms During Pregnancy?

Reishi mushrooms is a popular medicine in traditional Chinese medicine and now becomes popular in the US too. But at present, there is not enough research about the safety for pregnant women. So if you want to take reishi during pregnancy you should pay special attention to. Here we discuss about the safety to use Reishi Mushrooms During Pregnancy?

Reishi Mushrooms During Pregnancy

There is a dearth of scientific studies on the use of reishi during pregnancy. This fact alone makes it difficult to evaluate the risks and benefits of using reishi supplement. Generally speaking, pregnant women can use Reishi mushrooms supplement as long as you take the correct dose and pay enough attention to the side effects.

The Suggested Doses of Reishi Mushrooms During Pregnancy.

Although higher doses have been used in some clinical trials, the recommended dose of Reishi Mushrooms is 6 to 12 grams extract daily,. Conventional practitioners frequently suggest 0.five to 1 grams day-to-day for healthier men and women and among two and five grams day-to-day for chronic illnesses. In the case of incredibly really serious illnesses, they from time to time advisable up to 15 grams every day. Based on that data, we suggest that 6- 12 grams per day is the proper dose during pregnancy.

The Adverse Reactions of Reishi Mushrooms During Pregnancy.

Side effects of reishi is not too much. But reishi extracts can be potentially toxic and should be used with caution for pregnant women.The side effects include skin irritations, dizziness, dry mouth, nose bleed, bone pain and gastrointestinal disturbances.

How to use Reishi Mushrooms with Cautions

Generally speaking, reishi should be used cautiously during pregnancy. The mushroom’s ability to lower blood pressure makes it potentially risky for pregnant people with hypotension. So we suggest you to talk with doctor before using Reishi Mushrooms During Pregnancy.