Is it safe to use Guarana supplement for weight loss

Guarana is a plant which mainly grown in the Amazon region. It contains around 2.5 to 7 percent caffeine, which is more thaN the quantity of 1 to 2 percent in coffee. Nowadays, someone may use guarana supplement for weight loss. Is that workable and safe? Here we discuss the safety to use Guarana supplement for weight loss for your reference.

Guarana supplement for weight loss

Guarana, like caffeine, also acts as a diuretic, so you urinate more, which can result in weight loss. According to our research, if you want to decrease appetite, the quantity would be 800 milligrams of guarana before each meal . Since stimulants like guarana and caffeine can depress appetite, taking guarana before each meal may decrease your daily calorie intake. Stimulants like guarana also increase heart rate and may speed up your metabolism, resulting in more calories burned. The daily dose should not exceed 3 grams, the University of Salisbury Nursing Department states.

Does it work well by using this product? Here we also give brief suggestion for your reference.
A study of weight and fat loss in 67 persons taking guarana and ma huang was conducted by the Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Department of Medicine. It is reported that there is research about their warehouse. There are 48 people completed the study, which ran for eight weeks, during which 8 out of 35 treated with the active drug dropped out due to side effects. The active group lost more weight and body fat than the placebo group.

Be careful about other side effects while using Guarana supplement for weight loss. As we know, Guarana can cause irregular heartbeat, including an increased heart rate or skipped beats. The rish is much higher if you use that separately. So do never use other product for weight loss. We will give the best decision to you.