Is it safe to use Guarana During Pregnancy

Doctor will suggest you to stay away from many foods and drugs during pregnancy in order to prevent potential risks. Guarana is a common ingredient found in soft drinks and may be marketed as “natural” or “herbal.” However, is it safe to use Guarana During Pregnancy? Here we explain it for you in detail.

Guarana during pregnancy

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Caffeine is the chemical found in plants, and guarana is a paste containing caffeine in its makeup. Guarana is higher in percentage of caffeine than a coffee bean, but the caffeine chemical is the same.The Caffeine acts as a defense mechanism against pests. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, causing alertness, jitteriness, increased heart rate, dehydration and increased blood pressure.

During pregnancy, caffeine can cross the placenta and enter the baby’s bloodstream, causing similar effects in the baby. It is reported that low caffeine intake up to 150 mg or moderate intake up to 300 mg per day during pregnancy does not harm the baby.So you can take that drink reuglarly. Caffeine in low to moderate levels, 150 to 200 mg, does not cause problems during pregnancy. But remember that do not overtake it any time in order to avoid future problems.