Is garcinia cambogia extract safe?

Garcinia cambogia extract is used as a weight loss aid in the US for many days. It is popular and usually consider to be safe. You can take tablets, capsules, extract powder or liquid as you like.But is that totally safe? Here we list some potential risks that you should pay attention to.

garcinia cambogia extract safe

Garcinia cambogia extract (find best Garcinia cambogia extract here) might lead to chest pains when taken in conjunction with other herbal supplements according to a recent research, so just pay attention to this point if you want to take it with other supplement together.

Testicular atrophy might be another risk of Garcinia cambogia extract according to the animal study on rats. So do not overdose garcinia cambogia extract in order to avoid the potential risk..

Besides,do not take Garcinia if you are pregnant as there is potential risks. And also stay away from garcinia cambogia extract supplement if you have diabetes, dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Most of the time garcinia cambogia extract is safe supplement for weight loss. But sometimes it might cause risks. In order to avoid drug interactions and side effects, consult your doctor before taking this supplement.