Is Echinacea helpful for Weight Loss

Many people want to lose weight nowadays. You can achieve that by healthy diet and regular exercise. And you also can take some herbal supplement to lose weight. While doing introduction on Echinacea, some might ask that if Echinacea works for weight loss. Generally speaking, echinacea is not among the many herbs marketed as weight loss aids.

Echinacea for Weight Loss

Echinacea is an herb that is native for the Midwestern area of the Usa. This perennial plant bears pink or purple flowers around the tops of tall stems. The single petals surround a central cone that contains shades of brown and purple. The leaves, stems, petals and roots include different plant chemical compounds, including volatile oils, and polysaccharides, substances that trigger the activity on the immune program.

The main use of Echinacea is for the treatment of cold, but it is not an herbal product commonly Although proponents of herbal medications don’t promote the use of echinacea for weight loss, some believe this herb helps a number of conditions, such as urinary tract infections, whooping cough, hemorrhoids, migraines and acne. However, no scientific evidence exists to support these claims.

Besides, Echinacea does contain active substances that may interact with medications and cause complications in people with immune disorders, such as AIDS, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and leukemia. This herb may also interfere with the actions of immunosuppressant drugs and antifungal agents. So just be careful before using it and do not take it for weight loss any time.