Ionithermie cellulite reduction introduction

Ionithermie is a product for the treatment of cellulite. With over 30 years of development, nowadays Ionithermie becomes one of the best known for its Anti-Cellulite Treatment System.

Combining with massage and electronic stimulation, ionithermie treatment help you to reduce cellulite significantly . By using the sea minerals , it penetrate deep into the body’s fat cells to smooth and firm areas of the body.

Ionithermie detox therapy is really a popular therapy for cellulite and skin difficulties brought on by cellulite. Toxic waste and water make up within the cells of your body, and if the physique cannot expel these toxins, they eventually develop into fatty tissue. The skin stretches and contracts about the places of built-up fat, causing the lumpy effect of cellulite around the skin.

Ionithermie cellulite reduction

The main aim of the Ionithermie detox therapy is to improve the consistency of skin affected by cellulite and to contour areas of the body that are treated. Ionithermie treatment also attempts to increase the patient’s energy levels and restore metabolic function through the detoxifying sea minerals. Some patients see results from the very first treatment; some see a reduction in treated areas from 1 to 6 inches at the first treatment.

While using that treatment, massage after treat the areas with Ionithermie detox. Then use fabric to the treatment area, which is then covered in a special clay mixture. Electronic pads are attached to the hardened clay, through which galvanic and faradic electric stimulation is applied to infuse the sea plant extracts deep into the skin tissue. Once the electronic stimulation is complete, the pads are removed and the treatment areas are again massaged before the clay is removed.

Here is a brief  introduction on Ionithermie treatment for cellulite. If you are interested in that therapy, we suggest you to go to beauty shop or ask your doctor for more.