Increase Serotonin level in your body by 5-HTP in 5 steps

5-HTP may offer significant benefit for human body to raise serotonin levels. As we know, 5-HTP can be converted to serotonin in human bodies so we can increase levels of serotonin. Here we give easy guide for your to increase Serotonin level in your body by 5-HTP in 5 steps.

5 htp serotonin

  • Step 1: Ask doctor’s advice first. You need to be sure that 5-HTP is good for you before taking it. For the one who currently taking prescribed medication for depression or currently pregnant or suffering from liver disease, it is not suggest to take 5-HTP supplement.
  • Step 2: Buy 5-HTP supplement with reliable brand from local store or online. You can also ask advice from doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist or other health care professional. Some brands of 5-HTP contain contaminants that reportedly have caused eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, so you should pay enough attention to that. Not all brands are the same. If you buy it on the net, you should take special care of that.
  • Step 3: Take a 5-HTP supplement one hour before bed time. It is recommended that a dosage between 100mg to 200mg of 5-HTP is enough to increase serotonin for improved relaxation and reduced insomnia. Increasing natural serotonin to safe levels will improve sleep without leaving you feeling groggy in the morning.
  • Step 4: We suggest you to take other tryptophan rich-foods while taking 5-HTP in order tohave better effect. You can take trytophan from good dietary sources such as tuna, snapper, cod, turkey, tamari, shrimp, mustard greens, spinach, tofu, scallops, chicken, sardines, soybeans and kelp.
  • Step 5: There might be side effects such as heart burn, headaches, nausea, vomiting, digestive discomfort and numbing sensations during the period of taking 5-HTP supplement. If there is negative side effects during the process, you can reduce the dosage.