How to Use Vitex Supplement in 5 steps

Vitex is a popular nutritional supplement which is widely used in the US and Europe. It has been used specifically by women as a way to improve problems with their menstrual cycle such as PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding and menopause symptoms. Here we tell you How to Use Vitex in 5 steps.

use vitex supplement

  • Step 1: Buy Vitex supplement online or from a nutritional supplement store. You can find many different brand of product on the market. Just pick the one with good reputation.
  • Step 2: Start out by taking one particular to 3 capsules each day. Vitex companies suggest that you simply consume one to three capsules each and every day for the first eight to 12 weeks of making use of the supplement. Take 1 capsule each and every four to six hours apart through this initial cycle.
  • Step 3: Consume each dose with a full glass of water. If you find that the Vitex upsets your stomach, take the supplement with food.
  • Step 4: Decrease your dosage of Vitex after the initial 8 to 12 weeks. It is suggested that you stay on Vitex for an extended period of time since it may take a long time to work.
  • Step 5: If there is side effects such as rash, headache, nausea, vomiting and breakthrough bleeding between periods after taking the pills. Just stop taking it and come to your doctor for better suggestion.

Here we tell you easy 5 steps to take Vitex supplement. Hope that information can be helpful for you.

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