How to Use Tribulus for sexual dysfunction treatment?

Tribulus is a herbal plant which have been used for treatment of sexual dysfunction in both men and women by relaxing smooth muscles and dilating blood vessels. However, this supplement also may cause problems if you do not use it properly. Here we tell you how to Use Tribulus for sexual dysfunction treatment in detail.

tribulus for sexual dysfunction treatment

  • Step 1: In order to use Tribulus supplement safely, you should take the properly dosage based on your age, weight, diet and any medical conditions. Consult a health care provider who is knowledgeable about botanical medicine and he may provide you useful recommendation. If you have liver disease or hypertension, we do not suggest you to take tribulus in order to avoid risks.
  • Step 2: Take 250 to 750 milligrams of unrefined tribulus everyday with meals. negative effects of tribulus are uncommon at doses below 500 mg daily. Tribulus extracts include a larger concentration of active medicinal compounds; take these formulas as outlined by your practitioner’s recommendations or the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Step 3: We recommend you to tribulus for three weeks, and then stop taking it for one to three weeks. In theory, long-term use of tribulus could cause complications such as liver damage or cancer. So it is a health and good way to have a break.

Here we tell you How to Use Tribulus for sexual dysfunction treatment correctly, following us and you can have benefits from tribulus with fewer risks and side effects.