How to use Spirulina for Weight Loss?

Spirulina has a lot of health benefits to the body, one of its benefits is for weight loss. Spirulina supplement does not work by burning fat directly but works in other ways such as giving the body the necessary nutritional requirements. Here we explain How to use Spirulina for Weight Loss in detail.

spirulina for weight loss

How it works?

On one hand ,Spirulina provides the body with the daily nutritional needs without excess calories. Spirulina itself is low in calories. It provides only 3.9 calories for every gram, that is around 2 calories per 500 mg pill. It will not bring extra fat to you even you take it very often. It increases the nutrient concentration within the body hence reduces cravings for food and hunger.

On the other hand. Spirulina contains high level of protein which help to slows down the rate of digestion.So it can help to control the blood sugar levels. And it is well known that stable blood sugar levels make people feel full for a longer time so they will eat less and have less calories intake and then lose weight eventually.

How to take?

We suggest you to use Spirulina in powder or pill forms one hour before taking a meal for weight loss. People prefer the powder form because it can easily mix into juices and smoothies among other drinks. Other forms include the flake version which can be sprinkled onto foods like salads.

In order to lose weight fast, we suggest you to do regular exercise and keep a healthy diet while taking Spirulina supplement. Consuming 500 milligrams of Spirulina everyday and before meals is a good practice towards faster weight loss. All the forms from pills to flakes are rich in nutrients and especially the protein.

At present there is no enough evidence about the weight loss benefit about Spirulina. But it have already used for long time in traditional medicine history. If you want to stay away from any potential risks, we suggest you to talk with doctor first before use Spirulina for Weight Loss.