How to Use Saw Palmetto for Better Health

Saw palmetto is a useful herbal supplement that can be used for the treatment of hair loss, chest pain, Enlarged Prostate Glands etc. Just take that supplement regularly following doctor’s advice, and you will improve your body condition and fitness. Here we tell you How to Use Saw Palmetto for Better Health briefly.

Saw Palmetto for Better Health

  • First of all, you should learn about the main benefits of saw palmetto. It was associated with reducing the size of the prostate gland as early as the 19th century and has been used as an extract for at least 200 years for the treatment of conditions such as general weakness, recovery from a major illness and urogenital ailments. The modern scientific testing show that phytosterols it the active ingredient in saw palmetto, and it has been clinically established as effective in managing benign enlargement of the prostate gland.
  • Strictly follow the recommend dosage. This can vary from one to two g/day depending on the manufacturer, but the daily intake of the active ingredients should not exceed 320 mg/day.
  • You also need to learn about the side effects of saw palmetto. Usually the supplement is consider to be safe. The reported side effects include erectile dysfunction, mild nausea and reduced libido, but saw palmetto is generally considered safe because these effects are milder than with similar drugs.

Here we briefly tell you How to Use Saw Palmetto for Better Health. Hope that information can be helpful for you.


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