How to use Saw Palmetto for Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin problem which happened on both men and women. This skin condition is characterized by reddish pimples on a patient’s skin- mostly on face. Saw Palmetto benefits a lot to our health for men and women, one of its effect is for the treatment of acne. Here we briefly tell you How to use Saw Palmetto for Acne Treatment.

Saw Palmetto for Acne Treatment

Saw palmetto alters the level of testosterone in the human body. This is achieved through inhibiting conversion of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, DHT. Saw palmetto for acne- mainly focuses on hormone driven acne. In the human race the subject of hormonal imbalance is not new. Some of the instances that one experiences a hormone imbalance include; at puberty, during menstruation, during pregnancy and at menopause.

160 mg of the supplement twice each day is the suggested dosage. However, this is not the scientifically approved dosage. Before taking the supplement, always ensure that it is comprised of 85% and above of both plant sterols and fatty acids. Although, saw palmetto is regarded as a male supplement it can also be taken by women who are not pregnant.

Oral use of saw palmetto is generally considered safe. Based on one report of excessive bleeding during surgery in a patient who used saw palmetto, there is a concern that it may have anticoagulant properties. Those having elective surgery should discontinue use several weeks prior to any surgical procedure, and people on anticoagulant drugs should be cautious about using saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto for acne is one of the best solution. But still we suggest you to ask doctor’s advice before using saw palmetto for acne treatment purpose.

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