How to use Reishi for Cancer Treatment?

Reishi mushroom has long history in cancer treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. Nowadays, it is also used as an adjunct cancer therapy. Here we tell you How to use Reishi for Cancer Treatment below.

Reishi for Cancer Treatment

Reishi mushroom is also called Ganoderma Lucidun. It is at the top of the traditional Chinese medicine classification of herbs listed right next to ginseng. Reishi is generally located in its red or black form, despite the fact that you’ll find other varieties in Asia. Reishi can also be related to numerous other polyphore mushrooms, a number of which are becoming studied for their cancer treatment possible. Reishi mushroom has been the focus of numerous studies in Japan, China, Europe and North America and has been found to positively effect the immune system. It also benefits a large number of illnesses and conditions, especially various forms of cancer.

Reishi has shown potent anti-tumor and cancer prevention effects in vitro studies. Reishi also improves the immune response in cancer patients, making it a valuable addition to any cancer treatment protocol. You can Reishi mushroom supplement in capsule form at most health food stores or online.

If you want to use Reishi mushroom as adjunct cancer therapy. Just ask your doctor’s advice first and have a try!